Promoting Healthier Pets with Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Northfield, OH

Cat and dog vaccinations protect pets from dangerous diseases that could take a serious toll on their health. Many of these diseases are spread easily between cats and dogs, and some can even be transmitted between species, meaning that your human family can be at risk too. At Northfield Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians will develop a unique vaccination protocol so your pet only receives the vaccines they truly need.

Cat and dog vaccinations are essential for a long and healthy life.
Is your pet due for boosters?

cat and dog vaccinations in northfield, oh
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Which Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Vaccinations are recommended based on your pet’s level of risk due to their lifestyle or health factors. Yet, there are some diseases that are highly prevalent, contagious, and even deadly, that we recommend for every single cat and dog. These diseases include rabies and distemper.


Rabies is required by law for all cats and dogs in the state of Ohio, and rightly so. Rabies is zoonotic, meaning it can spread between species and infect not only your pet, your human family, too. Once symptoms develop, the disease is always fatal. The most common carriers of this disease are wild animals including bats, foxes, and raccoons. Even if your pet is indoors only, they could still come in contact with a bat that has slipped into your home.


Canine distemper and panleukopenia (also known as feline distemper) are both highly prevalent in the environment and easily spread between animals. While they are not zoonotic, dogs, foxes, and ferrets can all spread these diseases. Distemper and panleukopenia are serious diseases that are particularly threatening to puppies, kittens, and senior dogs and cats. However, even young, healthy pets can suffer lasting consequences.

Lifestyle Vaccines

Lifestyle vaccines are those that we recommend for cats and dogs based solely on their level of risk. These vaccines include:

  • Leptospirosis – recommended for dogs who are often outdoors in wildlife areas
  • Lyme disease – recommended for dogs who often hike with their owners in wooded areas or travel to places where Lyme disease is prevalent
  • Bordetella – recommended for dogs who are in close proximity with other dogs, as in boarding and grooming facilities, as well as the dog park
  • Canine influenza – recommended for dogs in similar situations as mentioned for Bordetella
  • Feline leukemia – recommended for outdoor cats only

Pet Vaccination Timeline

Puppies and kittens will begin a vaccination series in their first year of life that will include their core vaccines as well as any lifestyle vaccines we think would suit their lifestyle. After their initial series, your pet will need routine vaccine boosters throughout their life to maintain their immunity. At every annual wellness exam, we’ll reassess your pet’s health and lifestyle and adjust their vaccination protocol accordingly, either adding or removing vaccines as appropriate. Most vaccines are needed on an annual basis, however, canine and feline distemper, as well as canine rabies, are all 3-year vaccines.

For any questions or concerns about your pet’s vaccination needs, please contact us at (330) 467-6400 or ask us at your next appointment!