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Welcome to Northfield Veterinary Hospital! At our animal hospital in Northfield, OH, we know just how important your pet is to your family — they provide a very special kind of love you can only get from a furry best friend. That’s why our veterinarian and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine to each and every cat and dog. Doing so gives you the chance to enjoy more good years with them and strengthen the bond you share.

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Meet our veterinarian and team who keep your pet well:

Dr. Emily Roach

Dr. Roach was awarded her DVM from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. Initially starting out at an equine/alpaca internship, she transitioned to small animal medicine where her love for the human-animal bond could be fostered.

Full-Service Veterinary Care in Northfield, OH to Keep Pets Healthy

Our animal hospital in Northfield, OH offers all the services your cat or dog could need throughout their lifetime to stay happy and healthy including:

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We Are Dedicated to Fear Free Care

Northfield Veterinary Hospital is proud to have Fear Free Certified Professionals on staff! Being Fear Free means our vets and staff work to prevent anxiety and fear in pets during their appointment so they learn to not only tolerate, but enjoy their vet visits! Fear Free techniques we use include low-stress handling, positive reinforcement, and lots of treats to encourage cooperation!

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Buy your pet’s medications and food online

Buy your pet’s medications and food online

Through our online pharmacy, you can ship your pet’s medications and food right to your door!

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Giving Back to Our Community

The community of Northfield means a lot to us. We try to give back as much as we can to strengthen this community for both the pets and people who call it home. Our community involvement includes donating medications to shelters, offering free first-time exams and fecals for adopted pets, and donating our time and making monetary contributions to the Summit Humane Society and many other shelters in our area.