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Our Veterinary Services

Northfield Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer you and your pet a variety of services from pet wellness to pet surgery. Take a look below for a full list of all our veterinary services offered here at Northfield.

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Complete Veterinary Care in Northfield, OH.

Our animal hospital offers all the veterinary services your pet could need throughout their lifetime to stay happy and healthy. Our veterinary team ensures that your pet is treated with the care they deserve so you can stay rest assured

Pet Care Wellness

Take care of your pet with wellness checkups.

Pet Surgery

We utilize advanced surgical techniques to help restore your pet to health.

Pet Diagnostics

We offer in-house radiology and laboratory services.

Pet Ultrasounds

Take care of your pet with our ultrasounds.

Pet Dental Care

Bad breath is an early sign of dental disease. Schedule a visit so we can assess your pet’s oral health.

Pet Laser Therapy

We offer laser therapy services to promote healing for a variety of common conditions.

Northfield Vet Hospital - pet urgent care

Pet Urgent Care

If your pet is having an emergency, please call us now. Emergency care is available during regular business hours.

Pet Euthanasia

We understand how difficult times like these can be, but we promise we’ll be there with you at every step.