About Our Hospital & Veterinary Team in Northfield, OH

Northfield Veterinary Hospital has been serving the Northfield, OH community for over 50 years! We’re proud to be the lifelong family veterinarian for so many pet families. Our full-service care performed by a Fear Free Certified staff means your pet gets exceptional medical care with none of the stress. Our team has special training that helps them reduce and even eliminate stress in pets. Some of the techniques we use include low-stress handling, pheromone sprays that help pets feel more at home, and food motivation which involves lots of treats! The goal is to help every pet have a pleasant experience with us, so they don’t dread their future visits!

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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Our team is a group of talented, passionate pet-loving people! We all love veterinary medicine and can’t wait to help your pet live their best and healthiest life.

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Rachael, RVT/ Lead Technician

Rachael has been working in veterinary medicine for over a decade. Her career began after she completed 3 years of coursework towards animal science at The Ohio State University and graduated from Stautzenberger College with an associates degree. In addition to working in general practice, Rachael has also worked at a specialty hospital alongside board-certified surgeons.

When she’s not at work, Rachael enjoys being outdoors, hiking, gardening, kayaking, etc. She also likes ice skating, reading, and watching movies and shows on Netflix. Rachael has 2 cats at home, Riley and Marmalade.

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Samantha, Veterinary Assistant/Client Care Coordinator

Samantha graduated from Stautzenberger College with an associates degree in veterinary medicine/applied science. Apart from having pets her entire life, before working at Northfield she used to work at Stow Kent Animal Hospital as a veterinary assistant. She also got to dog sit for family and friends. While studying at Stautzenberger College, Samantha got to work with shelter animals, and she also had the opportunity to work and extern at a spay and neuter clinic as part of her degree.

Samantha has 4 cats and 1 dog. When she’s not at work, Samantha loves to go four-wheeling, ride horses, visit the race track, and go to the shooting range. Spending time with her friends, family, and pets is one of her greatest joys. For quality time, Samantha most loves being with her pets and her husband.

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Courtney, RVT

Courtney grew up around animals and has always loved everything about them, which made her want to be a part of the veterinary field. She interned at the Cuyahoga County Shelter and Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital just before COVID hit, and she hopes to get another interning opportunity soon. Courtney has 2 pets; a Great Pyrenees/Collie mix named Milo and a longhair orange tabby named Jerry. When she isn’t working, Courtney enjoys running and competing in track and field, traveling with her friends and family, and cuddling with her “fluffy polar bear” Milo.

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Debbi, Veterinary Assistant

Debbi is a Fear Free Certified Professional who has been working in the veterinary field for more than a decade. She graduated from Stautzenberger’s tech program in 2009 and volunteered many years at Berea Animal Rescue, where she got to work with shy, fearful cats to make them more adoptable. Debbi has a passion for working with pets that are fearful in a clinic setting and helping them feel more comfortable. She has 2 feline family members of her own at home, Petunia and So Bad.

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Alecia, Client Care Coordinator

Alecia began her veterinary journey in a vocational program at Ellet High School, where she received her vet assistant certification. She has 2 years of experience in animal management and grooming, and has also worked in a small vaccine practice where her passion for helping people and their pets blossomed. Alecia also gained experience in training dogs for agility and obedience while working with a German Shepherd breeder. She has 3 cats at home who have her whole heart: Mr. Blueberry Pie, Pixel, and “Wreck-It” Ralph. Some of Alecia’s hobbies include spending time with her cats and taking Ralph for walks, building and fixing computers, and playing computer games. She is also planning her wedding for 2022!

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Maddy, Client Care Coordinator

Maddy’s experience with caring for animals began when she started working at a small dog daycare center. She also volunteered at One of a Kind, worked at another daycare center (Camp Bow Bow), and by 2019 she officially entered the world of veterinary medicine. Maddy has several animal companions of her own, including Sophie, a Coonhound mix; Daxton, an American Staffordshire terrier; Benji, a Staffordshire-Bulldog mix; and Tutle, a diamondback turtle. When she’s not at work, Maddy enjoys spending a lot of time hiking with her dogs, being in nature, and exploring new places.

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