About Our Hospital & Veterinary Team in Northfield, OH

Northfield Veterinary Hospital has been serving the Northfield, OH community for over 50 years! We’re proud to be the lifelong family veterinarian for so many pet families. Our full-service care performed by a Fear Free Certified staff means your pet gets exceptional medical care with none of the stress. Our team has special training that helps them reduce and even eliminate stress in pets. Some of the techniques we use include low-stress handling, pheromone sprays that help pets feel more at home, and food motivation which involves lots of treats! The goal is to help every pet have a pleasant experience with us, so they don’t dread their future visits!

pink paw
dog with stethescope in mouth

Meet Our Veterinary Team

Our team is a group of talented, passionate pet-loving people! We all love veterinary medicine and can’t wait to help your pet live their best and healthiest life.

Bios coming soon!